Educational Resources

At VisitScotland Events Directorate we work with a number of universities and colleges to help provide information on our work with the events industry in Scotland.  

We’ve compiled a useful list of resources below for students and further education practitioners:

- The National Events Strategy, Scotland the Perfect Stage 

- Volunteering is an excellent way to build your events experience. Volunteer Scotland is the national centre for volunteering in Scotland

- Find out more about the work of the VisitScotland Events Directorate 

- The eventIMPACTS website has recently been updated and contains valuable resources for event organisers to measure the economic, social, media or environmental impacts of their events. An updated economic impact calculator and more detailed indicators to measure the media impacts and social impacts of events are now included

- Information on the wider visitor economy can be found on the VisitScotland corporate website

- Visitor information, including details of the Themed Years, can be found at

- Visit our Projects page here for more information on support and opportunities in this area

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