Food and Drink at Events

Offering more Scottish and local fare at events brings business benefits to food and drink producers, caterers and event organisers. 

Each year Scotland hosts thousands of events of all shapes and sizes. Research shows that visitors to Scotland want to taste traditional, Scottish dishes, regional specialities and fresh, locally-sourced food.

Scotland's Food Charter For Events aims to raise the standard and provenance of food and drink at events to ensure a better visitor experience. The charter sets out steps to help improve your catering offering. For more information go here.

The Taste for Events Guide provides a range of great practical advice to help you enhance your event with Scottish food and drink.

Scotland Food & Drink’s website offers a Showcase of Scottish food and drink producers and suppliers throughout the country. Many of these companies will be keen to work in partnership with event organisers.

If you would like to speak to somebody about developing the food and drink offering at your event or festival, we encourage you to contact Scotland Food & Drink for advice:

Fiona Richmond, Project Manager, Scotland Food & Drink. Email: or call 0131 335 0947

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