Policing For Events

This section provides information and guidance in relation to recent changes in charging for police services at events in Scotland.

It is EventScotland’s role in this matter to help identify the implications and impacts of this consistent approach charging policy and help communicate guidance and best practice to the events sector.  

EventScotland, Police Scotland and industry bodies Events and Festivals Industry Group (EFIG) and National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) Scotland will continue to work together to maintain the process of engagement with the events industry. 

EventScotland has highlighted impacts and potential risks connected to this policy to Scottish Government and continues to brief Scottish Government on its impact, including events which are potentially at risk.  If your event has been affected by this policy please inform communications@visitscotland.com.


In May 2014, EventScotland, in association with Police Scotland, delivered a Policing for Events seminar at Perth Police Station. The seminar provided a platform to inform and encourage questions from the industry which arose from the introduction of The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) approved ‘Charging for Goods and Services Policy’ – a policy that enables Police Scotland to charge for the provision of police services at events. A key focus of discussion was the Assessment Matrix which is used by a Police Event Commander to assess whether any abatement may be considered as the SPA policy is based on the concept of full cost recovery. Please note that the Assessment Matrix is only used for events where police officers are deployed.

Key outcomes

• Questions raised at the seminar were presented to Police Scotland which resulted in a Q&A document being produced

• A ‘Step By Step Guide to the Assessment Matrix Process’ has been created by Police Scotland which aims to explain how and why the matrix is used and describes the steps involved, including the event notification, classification process and consideration of police resources for the event.  

• Quarterly meetings were agreed with EventScotland, National Outdoors Events Association (NOEA), industry groups and Police Scotland. 

Current status

• Ongoing work is being carried out to size and shape the situation in order to understand the impact and provide an appropriate and balanced briefing to Scottish Government.

• EventScotland will continue to work alongside NOEA and EFIG to inform the events industry about this policy and to represent their interests and concerns by facilitating further engagement with Police Scotland and stakeholders.

• If your event has been affected by the implementation of this policy, please email event-seminar@visitscotland.com.

Further links 

• Q&A – Police Scotland’s Response to Questions Raised at Events Seminar, Perth, 15 May 2014

Police Scotland – Step-by-Step Guide to the Assessment Matrix Process

Police Scotland 


Health and Safety at events

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