The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention

North Atlantic Fiddle Convention - Busking Trail

The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention takes place over five days in Aberdeen in July 2010. The convention is a celebration of the excellence of Scottish fiddling and of the many styles of fiddle playing and associated dance traditions that exist around the North Atlantic, particularly in Scotland, Scandinavia, North America, Ireland, and elsewhere in Britain.

The convention will mark centuries of cultural exchange, in which the northern seas, far from isolating communities, were and are the corridors through which they developed their distinctive but related musical traditions.  The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention is about cultural exchange, learning opportunities, and celebrating artistic excellence and diversity.

The convention features concerts, ceilidhs, solo recitals, workshops (fiddle and dance), demonstrations, free performances and more,  paralleled by an academic conference to be held at the University of Aberdeen, based on the theme ‘Local Roots, Global Routes’. 

Contact Details

University of Aberdeen
King's College
AB24 3FX

For more information visit:

T - 01224 272 134

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