Òran Mòr @ Blas


The Blas Festival takes place from 7 to 15 September. Run annually by Fèisean nan Gàidheal for The Highland Council, Blas always involves young people as performers at events, mainly from local Fèisean, but also from the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music based at Plockton High School, the Highland Council regional music groups and other youth music groups based across the area the festival covers. The festival also regularly engages young up and coming bands.

In addition to the regular involvement of young people in Blas, we will be celebrating the Year of Young People. Òran Mòr will be a major celebration of young people and their involvement in Scottish traditional music and Gaelic song involving at least 500 young performers from Fèisean and other youth music groups from across Scotland.  It will be a unique and memorable experience for the audience and for the young people who will get the opportunity to showcase their amazing talents performing alongside the bands, of their choosing, they most admire.

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