Stromness Yule Log Pull


After 80 years, the Stromness Yule Log is back!  Revived for Stromness 200 last year, this old tradition returns for Hogmanay 2018.

The last known game of Yule Log - which saw teams from opposite ends of Stromness trying to drag a giant log back to their own territory from the town centre - was played in 1937.

Participants would sneak into a garden and cut a tree down to use, until the town council threatened prosecution.

2018 again sees two teams will do battle on Hogmanay.

Split roughly along an old town boundary, one team from the North of the town and one from the South will once again try and pull the yule log to their territory.

This year the, in support of the Year of Young People 2018, the event will include a Junior log pull, expanding the reincarnation of this traditional event to the towns youth.

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