O'Neill Coldwater Classic

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O'Neill Coldwater Classic

O'Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland is a 6 star (highest rated) event in the World Qualifying Series (WQS).  Around 120 world class surfers compete to earn qualification to the World Championship Tour (WCT) which determines the World Champion. The event has been staged in Thurso since 2006 and in 2007, earned the title of the highest rated professional surf contest ever held in the UK.

During the week long event, a mobile format is used whereby organisers select from a number of beaches to allow surfers compete in the the best surf conditions. Scotland's rugged coastlines and dramatic surf conditions provide stunning TV footage that showcases Scotland's excellent surfing opportunities and beautiful landscape.

In 2009, the event will be launched as part of the Worldwide O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series, incorporating five Worldwide extreme and unique locations (Scotland, Canada, California, South Africa and Tasmania), positioning Scotland on the global surfing map.

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