DolphinFest 2020


DolphinFest 2020 will help Aberdeen become recognised as a must-visit destination for dolphin watching.

Aberdeen is one of the best places in Scotland, and in Europe, to watch bottlenose dolphins because they are regularly seen from the harbour shore. Watching dolphins from the shore is the best way to watch sustainably and ensure no disturbance is caused to the animals. 

The Festival will provide pop-up activities across the city that will celebrate Aberdeen’s dolphins; from interactive games, to conservation talks and citizen science projects. It will include a day co-designed by school children to suggest actions to protect the marine environment and a local artist will also be commissioned to develop artwork to celebrate the harbour dolphins. This will become a key attraction during the festival and provide a legacy year-round to encourage visitors to seek out Aberdeen’s dolphins.

Throughout the festival we will be actively inspiring people to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse, attend beach cleans and reduce their carbon footprint. Exact date to be confirmed.

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