Orkney International Science Festival

Adventure Sports

The green historical islands in the north form an ideal setting for seven days of inspirational talks, from astronomy’s frontiers to the latest tidal power developments.

An added dimension this year involves foraging, with walks along the shores of Scapa Flow and by the Tomb of the Eagles, and along sections of the St Magnus Way. There will be talks on food from the wild in Scandinavia and Scotland, and a Neolithic Dinner of foraged food in ancient style.

The 17th-century Skaill House is the venue for a traditional afternoon tea to follow a talk on a great Orcadian geologist. A concert in the 12th-century St Magnus Cathedral is one of several events highlighting the Apollo 11 Moon landing anniversary.

Other subjects range from seaweed workshops to deep digitality, greener ferries to the potential of hyperloop travel, Darwin’s predecessors to CTR Wilson’s cloud chamber, and from new developments in genetics to the wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic, from penguins to polar bears. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of ideas, and island food and music too, in a rich mix of science and culture and sea air.

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