The Eden Festival

Raehills Estate, Lockerbie

Eden is a welcoming, atmospheric, family friendly festival, located in the stunning Raehills Meadows and will be set across 8 stages from the 3rd to the 5th September 2010.

The whole aim behind the festival is to provide a 3 day celebration of music, dance, colour, culture and community built on an ecologicaly sound and carbon friendly set of principles and to exhibit live music hand in hand with stunning decorations and surroundings.

Carbon emmissions from the festival will be calculated by the local Crichton Carbon Centre after the festival. The carbon will be compensated locally within Galloway with large tree plantations of a broad leaf or fruit nature. Kids from local schools will be involved in the project, which will be on-going as the trees grow and are cared for.

Contact Details

Tribe of Galloway Limited
Unit 2
The Sawmill Port Road
Palnackie Castle Douglas

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