Scotland Sings

Across Scotland
Scotland's Winter Festivals

Scotland Sings is Hands Up for Trad’s brand new  singing project, designed to bring new participants and audiences together through singing. Events are planned to take place across Scotland as part of St Andrew’s Day celebrations.

Scotland Sings exists to encourage people to sing. Singing is so good for you and it makes you smile. Hands for Trad are coordinating mass participation in singing projects across Scotland, inspiring new participants to get involved in existing community choirs in your area, whilst also providing the support required to start a new choir where none currently exists…all you need is a voice!

This event is part of Scotland's Winter Festivals.

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Hands up for Trad
Melville House
70 Drymen Road
G61 2RH

For more information visit:

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T - +44 (0) 141 280 2803

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