Pilgrimage: A Scottish Road Movie Film Festival


Event organisers Mark Cousins of 4Way Pictures Scotland and performer and curator Tilda Swinton will pull a cinema, the Screen Machine, across Scotland.  The moveable cinema will start its epic journey on the West coast and will travel with an entourage via some of Scotland’s most beautiful towns and villages to Nairn between the 1st and 9th of August.

This is the second year in which Mark Cousins and Tilda Swinton have collaborated to bring a celebration of film to the area and the project will bring a dazzling and unique cinematic experience to all those who cross its path, showing a programme of iconic road movies from around the world. 

The screen machine will be ‘dressed up’ for its travels and will play music like an ice cream van in order to draw people to it.  It will be accompanied by an entourage who will cycle or travel on foot and who will literally pull the 37 tonne screen machine at times. 

Each evening the screen machine will play two films in the town where it stops on its pilgrimage and tickets will be available for purchase via The Booth.

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