Archery World Cup Final 2010

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Archery World Cup Final 2010

2010 Event

The World Cup Final is restricted to the 32 best archers in the world – the 8 top ranked men and 8 top ranked women over the season-long World Cup series in each of the two disciplines, compound and recurve.

It’s a knockout format event with two archers going head to head, shooting a total of 12 arrows in 4 sets of three arrows at a target that is 70m (230ft) distant. Each archer shoots alternately with a maximum of 30 seconds allowed per arrow. Each arrow is scored 1-10 depending how close they are to the centre. The archer with the highest score goes to next round and in the event of a tie, there is a one arrow tie-breaker.

You can follow the progress of the leading Archers in the World Cup as they fight for places in the World Cup Final here

Budding Robin Hoods can give archery a try at the Have a Go site, just beside the Walter Scott Monument in the gardens, overlooking the World Cup Final Field of Play. Members of the Scottish Archery Association will demonstrate correct technique and supervise your attempts to hit gold.

History of the event

The Archery World Cup currently consists of four stages held in spectacular venues around the world all culminating in a grand World Cup Final where only the top archers compete over two days.  The International Archery Federation (FITA) will add a further leg in 2010 and the World Cup Final will be staged in Edinburgh. The event offers the highest prize money in the sport of Archery and provides a great opportunity to showcase the city of Edinburgh, Scotland and Archery.

Archery has been a permanent Olympic sport since the 1972 Olympic Games and FITA has held the World Championships since 1931.  This prestigious, annual event always takes place in an iconic venue - previous host venues have included the Mayapan Pyramids in Mexico, Furj Al Arab in Dubai and City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

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