BriSCA F2 World Championship Final


With over 600 Drivers, BriSCA F2 is the largest single-seater motorsport in Europe. All the drivers will try to qualify for this pinnacle event through World Qualifying Rounds held at oval tracks throughout the UK during the 2014 season. 

This full-contact stock car formula offers fast, spectacular race action, as drivers push, shove and hit one another out of the way, in pursuit of glory. 25 to 40 cars on a small 1/4 mile tarmac track leads to very exciting racing! To add to the danger, Cowdenbeath Racewall is the most formidable short oval race track in the UK. Surrounded by a concrete perimeter wall, only the bravest race drivers dare take it on! Come see the action and hear the thunder yourself at the most atmospheric stock car track around!

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