Commando Spirit - Survive the Yomp

Achnacarry Castle
Adventure Sports

Not for the faint hearted, this gruelling 30 mile hike across rough terrain will test your physical and mental endurance.

 Commando Spirit’s Survive The Yomp, offers participants the chance to experience the legendary 30-mile trek normally only faced by Royal Marines Commandos in order to complete their training and earn their prestigious green beret.

 Taking place around the iconic settings of Achnacarry and Spean Bridge. Situated in the heart of the Highlands, the landscape is nothing short of impressive and as far removed from ordinary civilian life and modern city living as possible.

 Helping to raise life changing sums for Royal Marines and their families in need, you’ll take part supported by Royal Marines every step of the way, share a unique experience and get the chance to show your courage for those who risk their all.

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