International Events Programme

The International Funding Programme is at the very core of EventScotland’s business. Through this programme of investment, EventScotland is funding major, world-class events which are raising the profile of Scotland’s Perfect Stage around the world.

Events supported through the International Funding Programme must:

  • - Generate substantial economic benefits for Scotland through increased visitation including tourists, spectators and participants

  • - Highlight Scotland as an events and tourism destination through high profile, international media coverage

  • - Enhance Scotland’s opportunities to host further major events

Please consider the following questions to assist you in assessing the likelihood of your event fitting the criteria for funding through EventScotland’s International Programme:

- Does your event have potential to contribute to the delivery of Scotland's National Events Strategy Scotland The Perfect Stage?

- Will your event bring a significant number of spectators/participants to Scotland? Will your event provide significant international media coverage of Scotland?

- Will your event provide an economic return on investment through additional visitor spending?

- Will your event leave a sustainable legacy for Scotland?

Apply for Funding

If you have answered 'yes' to any or all of these questions, please make an enquiry and a member of our events team will get back to you.

Or, if you have any questions please email

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