Homecoming for Australian Folk Music fans

Organisers of this weekend’s Dundee music festival have achieved their aim of attracting an international audience after offering free tickets and accommodation to the person travelling the furthest to the event.

Fiona and Geoff Fleming have won a free festival pass and three nights’ accommodation at The Landmark Hotel in Dundee in return for travelling over 10,000 miles from Mackay in North Queensland, Australia.   Their arrival in Dundee marks their first ever trip to Scotland.

Fiona said, “After over 20 hours in a plane, we’re technically ‘coming home’ as my husband Geoff has ancestors in Glasgow and the friends we’re travelling with have roots in Kirriemuir and Aberdeen. We were always planning to come to Scotland to discover our roots and, when we read about Fest ‘n’ Furious on the web and the fantastic programme on offer, we realised we just had to be there, so planned our itinerary around the event.  We love folk festivals and this will be a great opportunity to see and hear traditional Scottish music and explore the Scottish culture.”


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