Homecoming Scotland on track to deliver success for Scottish tourism

As the curtain closes on Homecoming 2009, interim results are showing that the event has already been a major success for Scottish tourism.

Final evaluation is due on the project in Spring 2010, but early results are already showing that the project is well on track to beat the target of £44million worth of extra tourism revenue as well as delivering a range of wider benefits.

An independent interim analysis surveying around a quarter of the 112 funded events is showing £19.4M of additional income for Scotland - already nearly half way to the target set at the beginning of the project.  As this doesn’t include most of the funded and partner events, and the impact derived from the wider marketing activity, organisers are confident that the project will more than exceed targets.

As the Homecoming Finale closes next week with more than 40 events celebrating St Andrews Day, the programme is being hailed as a major success by tourism businesses, event organisers and public and private partners.

The success of Homecoming is testament to one of the biggest partnership campaigns ever, with event organisers, local and national government, local communities, schools, churches and businesses engaging with the project across Scotland and beyond. 

For the full release and key indicators of the successes so far, please click here

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