Glasgay! 2009 The Results Show

Glasgay!, one of Scotland's leading Arts Festivals, celebrates the major success of its 2009 festival today with the release of the attendance figures for this year's smash-hit programme. The festival took place between 3 Sep-8 Nov 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Despite the most significant credit crunch of the last century the Glasgay! festival played to sell-out audiences and its exhibitions and some performances made headlines internationally, hitting nearly three-quarters of million websites and blogs worldwide. The festival doubled its audience on prior years and received four and five star critiques for its top quality Commissioned Productions, the most popular of which was a total sell-out smash hit, THE MAW BROON MONOLOGUES by Jackie Kay.

As a truly international celebration of the strength of LGBT community Glasgay! enjoys the support of a broad audience, not just LGBT. Glasgay! puts Glasgow and Scotland on the map as a vibrant and safe destination for international visitors - a mission, which over the next five years, as the city heads towards the Commonwealth Games, cannot be underestimated or undervalued.

• Audience attendance was 36,207 attenders. This was more than double the previous year (14,890 in 2008)
• 168 days of performances at 78% of capacity
• Four and Five star reviews for all of our top Commissioned product. (see selected press quotes below)
• TV, Radio, blogs and international coverage of our events reaching nearly three quarters of a million websites worldwide
• Press Coverage at £0.5million in advertising equivalent value
• Turnover approaching £225,000k
• Increased sponsorship and donations
• 60% attenders from Glasgow, 15% adjacent, 9% rest of Scotland, 14% overseas; 3% England.
  A significant rise in out-of-town and international visitors.

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