COAST Community Arts Project Gets Underway!

COAST is pleased to announce that local artist Jemima Chillingworth has recently been awarded the commission to develop and deliver the COAST community arts project CONTOURS and work is getting underway this week to engage the local community.

The Festival wants art work made by the people of Banff and Macduff to be shown at the second annual Visual Arts Festival at the end of May and the CONTOURS project is about artists meeting and working with the people who live, work and play along the contour of the coast between the two towns.

Jemima will be engaging other visual artists of various disciplines in the project and will work with community groups, schools and individuals to explore perceptions of being on this contour line and will encourage participants to define their response through a piece of publicly created bunting.

The intention is that the bunting produced will be used to link two main pieces of public art – one in Banff and the other in Macduff – which will also be created by community members in conjunction with artists, and all work produced will be shown at COAST 2009.

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