Sustainability - we'll show you how

Sustainability - we'll show you how (picture from The Big Tent)

As the national events agency, EventScotland aims to deliver important and timely resources for the industry.  Social and environmental sustainability are two of the biggest issues facing the global events industry today and as a result we have been instrumental in developing two toolkits to support this.

Sustainability is about our responsibility to protect the environment and contribute to society in the long term.  Apart from doing your bit for the community, event organisers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability stand to benefit from improved public image and profile, increased resources from image–conscious sponsors and public authorities, and reduced costs through improved efficiency.

The Sustainable Sport and Event Toolkit (SSET) is a resource for the events industry to make cultural and sporting events more environmentally and socially sustainable.  Scotland’s event owners will now have free access to this invaluable resource which will provide guidance and support in developing and implementing a sustainability strategy for their event.  For events taking place out with Scotland, this resource is available for a fee through the AISTS website.

Building industry knowledge through event assessment

Not only is it important to give event organisers the tools to deliver sustainable events, but to then measure the benefits of hosting these events.

EventScotland, along with a group of partners led by UK Sport and including The London Development Agency, the North West Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward, Visit Britain, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, has developed eventIMPACTS - an evaluative framework to assess and measure the impact and benefits of hosting major events. 

The purpose of the framework is to enable the events industry to better understand and harness the benefits created by major sporting and cultural events and asses the long term effects they have on a given area. 

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