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eventIMPACTS was launched one year ago to provide a toolkit of resources to help broaden and standardise the way in which the impacts of major events are measured.  Almost 1,000 industry practitioners are now using eventIMPACTS!

eventIMPACTS are now seeking to publish new research on their website, and thereby create an online resource to capture major event research from around the world.  eventIMPACTS will periodically send an email to all registered users to advise of any new research that has been published on the site, along with news of any forthcoming research. eventIMPACTS are also interested in publishing other organisations’ research into major events.  You can find out more details below. 

To start this process, eventIMPACTS are publishing two new pieces of major event research. The first has been conducted by UK Sport and assessed the impact of major sporting events on people’s inclination to participate in sport and physical activity. The second piece of research released is an economic impact assessment of the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in Wales.


The idea that major sporting events can have an inspirational impact on their audience has been a key factor in driving their acquisition. However there has been comparatively limited research which seeks to understand the link between events and participation in sport or physical activity.
This research assesses the inspirational impact of major sporting events on live spectators and TV viewers. Its focus is on assessing the immediate impact of major sporting events on people’s inclination to participate in the future.

To download a copy of this research please click here.


The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest golfing events in the world, attracting sell out crowds and major international TV exposure.  In October 2010 the event was staged at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, UK. This research was commissioned to explore the economic impact of the 2010 event to the local, regional and national host economies.  The event was found to have a Total Economic Impact of £84.2m to Wales.  The research was conducted in line with the principles identified in the eventIMPACTS toolkit.
To download a copy of the economic impact assessment please click here.


In addition to publishing research from eventIMPACTS partners, eventIMPACTS would like to invite other organisations to publish their own major event research on the website. If you have a piece of research that you would like eventIMPACTS to consider for publication then please send it to eventimpacts@uksport.gov.uk

This could be research into a sporting, musical, cultural or any other type of event, and focus on any number of impacts that can result from attendance or involvement within an event.

To find about more about eventIMPACTS, click here.

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