The dawning of a new era for the Scottish Thistle Awards

2010 Thistle Awards

As the Scottish Thistles Awards (STA) celebrate 20 years of rewarding excellence in Scottish Tourism an extensive review has been carried out by VisitScotland and a new-look event will be unveiled for 2011/12.

The decision follows a Scotland-wide industry consultation which has led to a renewed focus on increasing involvement across the whole of Scotland and encouraging a wider range of businesses to take part.

In response to the wishes of the industry, the entry process will take place during the winter. The window for entering will run from November 2011 to spring 2012 with the winners presented in autumn 2012 at the 20th Scottish Thistles Awards ceremony.

The feedback from the research was hugely positive and indicated how valuable the Scottish Tourism industry found  the awards programme.  The new format gives the ability to deliver a year round programme of industry facing activity which will provide businesses with encouragement, support, information, case studies and advice throughout the year, inviting their involvement in all aspect of the programme - judging, influencing, nominating and incentivising.  

The awards are open to all business either based in Scotland or who have a Scottish product which has an association with Scottish Tourism. The Scottish Thistle Awards are broken down into categories which businesses can choose from.

For more information visit  Alternatively you can e-maili:, follow on Twitter: @ThistleAwards, or call the hotline on 0131 472 2228.

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