UK World Trial receives top award

SPEA FIM Trial World Championships

With the UK leg of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship now less than six weeks off, preparations are well on track at Nevis Range just outside Fort William for the forthcoming event. Whilst plans are well underway for the weekend of 30/31 July, event organisers L+M Events have recently paused briefly to accept an award for their 2010 Trial Grand Prix, which was also held at the same venue in the Scottish Highlands.

SPEA, the official title sponsor of the SPEA FIM Trial World Championship, has nominated last years UK World Trial as one of the best in the 2010 calendar. In recognition of this achievement, L+M Events have received an award plus generous financial reward for their excellent promotion and compliance.

Since becoming title sponsors in 2007, SPEA have remained committed to supporting and developing motorcycle trial around the World. SPEA is an Italian based company specialising in designing and manufacturing automatic test equipment for microchips and electronic boards.

Praised for efficient and seamless organisation of the UK World Trial, as well as accurate use of the championship and sponsor logos, L+M Events have been rewarded with additional financial support by SPEA for their 2011 event.

SPEA company president, Mr Bonaria said “I would like to say how happy I am to present L+M Events with this prize for the huge amount of work they did to create one of the best Grand Prix of the 2010 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship. As series sponsor we were pleased to see how they respected the correct championship title in all their communications and promotions, plus the way they presented the SPEA brand and their event overall.”

Jake Miller of L+M Events commented, “We are obviously very proud to have received this award and support, and must thank Mr Bonaria for his generosity. It is pleasing to have all of our efforts recognized by SPEA. Each year we have an extensive team who work hard to make the event the success it is and I would personally like to extend my thanks to them, as this award is very much due to all their support.”

To buy discounted advance and VIP tickets for the UK leg of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship please visit the official event website or by calling the event hotline 0845 643 6756.
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