Upcoming Industry Award Deadlines

There are a wide range of awards stretching across the events industry.You've put in the hard work and now it's time to reward your team with the recognition they deserve.

UK Event Awards

Deadline: 1st July 2011

'Whether you’ve staged a hugely successful annual event, launched a brand new one, or created a unique, never-to-be-repeated experience, this is your chance to demonstrate that you can create events that meet and exceed your objectives...

So, whether you organise or promote, are a venue/ hotel or an industry supplier, this is your chance to prove to peers, competitors and clients that you are the best at what you do.'

Digital Communications Awards 

Deadline: 7th July 2011

'In the last few years, social media and online communication have been catapulted to the top of the agenda for every PR practitioner. Give your successful online projects the chance to earn acknowledgement within the industry by participating in Europe's first Digital Communication Awards!'

6th International Sports Event Management Awards 

Deadline: 1st September 2011

'The Awards raise the bar across all aspects of the sports event management industry and provide organisations and individuals with ways to benchmark against top performers in their industry.

Submitting an entry provides any organisation with the opportunity to review its performance and winning an award is considered an independent and prestigious endorsement of organisational or individual achievements.

Winning an award provides your organisation with significant opportunities to gain competitive advantage by creating positive organisational profiling, opportunities for publicity and heightened credibility within the sports event management marketplace.'


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