Scottish National Anthem contender to be revealed at Bruce Festival

A Dunfermline singer-songwriter has penned a new national anthem for Scotland which he hopes could become the country’s standard at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The anthem is set to be revealed at the end of August at the Robert the Bruce Festival, taking place in the author’s home town, Scotland’s ancient capital.

Song writer, Jonathan Cairney, has been in talks with the Scottish Government’s policy unit and is optimistic that his new song may be adopted as the future equivalent to Flower of Scotland or God Save the Queen – still the country’s official national anthem.

Jonathan said: “Flower of Scotland is a powerful song but quite warlike and perhaps a little negative. It’s had a good innings but I think it's the right time for a new, modern anthem that captures the spirit and strength of the nation but with a more contemporary sound. I’ve had several conversations with the Protocol department at Holyrood and it’s an open policy matter for the government and they’ve encouraged me to submit my work to them. With the Commonwealth Games on the horizon it seems like a perfect time to launch a new national anthem”.

Jonathan’s work takes its inspiration from traditional Scottish folk music blended with the energy and anthemic qualities of bands like the Proclaimers and the Fratellis. His proposed national anthem is scheduled to be played live for the first time at Dunfermline’s Bruce Festival on Saturday August 27th.

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