The Real Stig is Coming to Scotland

Colin McRae Rally

Forget the TV character, the real ‘Stig’ is returning to Scotland in October. Swedish rallying superstar Stig Blomqvist will compete on this year’s Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally in Aberfeldy on Saturday October 1st.  Stig had entered the 2008 Colin McRae Rally ‘tribute’ event, but unfortunately, was unable to take part due to a sudden illness in his then co-driver’s family. Since then Stig has been eager to return to Scotland and to the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally to pay his own tribute to the former World Champion.

This year, Stig has teamed up with former World Rally Championship co-driver, Phil Mills. Since retiring from the World series, Phil has established his own Viking Motorsport rally car engineering and preparation business in Wales.

"The word legend is often used in sport - but I think it's safe to say that Stig qualifies on that count many times over," said Jim Brown, Chairman of Coltness Car Club, the rally organisers. "He is a past world champion, has been a star driver for Saab, Audi, Talbot and Ford, not to mention the fact that Top Gear's anonymous race driver also took his name.”

Jim added: "That he will be competing on the Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally shows the attraction this rally, the classic Perthshire stages and historic rallying, exerts on the enthusiast. We've already been contacted by rally fans from around the UK asking if Stig will be there - because people will travel from far and wide just to see him and the Escort in action."

This year’s Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally will be the final round of the 2011 national Scottish Rally Championship, Scotland’s top motor sporting series and will be based entirely in Aberfeldy and the forests of Perthshire on Saturday 1st October.

Organised by Coltness Car Club, this one day national rally will be supported by Perth & Kinross Council and EventScotland, the national events agency.
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