London 2012: Test day for Olympic torch relay

A full dress rehearsal of the London 2012 Olympic torch relay is taking place today on an 80-mile section from Leicester to Peterborough.

The rehearsal will test the convoy, crew and communication procedures of the relay which starts on 19 May.

A total of 122 people from the local area, including students, are acting as torchbearers and each is carrying an unlit torch on a 300m section of the route.

They will be joined by a convoy of 14 cars and trucks, and up to a further 90 vehicles for sponsors, support teams and the BBC, as well as a crew of 400 people.

The first torchbearer, Jasmine Vanmali, left the National Space Centre in Leicester just after 07:12 BST and carried the torch along roads, flanked by security personnel, before touching torches with the second bearer to simulate passing the Olympic flame.

The Olympic flame arrives in the UK on 18 May and begins its 70-day journey at Land's End, Cornwall, on 19 May. It will pass through 1,018 UK places, including arriving in Scotland on the 7th June.

Click here for more information on the Olympic Torch Relay in Scotland

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