Try out the 2012 Halfords Tour Series circuit in Kirkcaldy

Halford Tour Series

Visitors to the opening race of the 2012 Halfords Tour Series in Kirkcaldy next month will have the chance to try out the circuit.

An afternoon of activity has been planned to accompany the evening event, which is set to give the town a carnival buzz.

The Halfords Tour Series is a team based televised event that is expected to attract thousands of spectators on Tuesday 15 May where ten top British teams will begin their five week battle to be crowned champions of the Series.

Before the professionals take centre stage, both primary and secondary school youngsters will be given the opportunity to take to the town centre race circuit and try it out for themselves. An on route event organised by Scottish Cycling will also take place before a community parade that everyone is invited to take part in.

Visit for more information on the Halford’s Tour Series including the 2012 Halfords Tour Series Calendar.

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