Walking at the Speed of Light

Over the three weeks of Edinburgh International Festival 2012, thousands of walkers will ascend Edinburgh’s iconic mountain Arthur’s Seat to become part of a mesmerising visual display.

NVA’s Speed of Light is a mass choreographed act of walking and endurance running, taking place as part of the London 2012 Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival.  This extraordinary event is also part of the Year of Creative Scotland programme.

Hundreds of runners wearing specially designed light suits will take to the intricate networks of paths criss-crossing Arthur’s Seat creating stunning formations through which the walking audience, carrying their own light sources, ascend to the summit for a spectacular view of the runners and the city.

NVA’s Speed of Light is one of only four national projects, commissioned as part of Legacy Trust UK’s Community Celebrations programme, set up to build a lasting legacy from the UK’s hosting of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Over 3000 artists from 47 nations will gather in the Scottish capital this year for Edinburgh International Festival 2012 (Thursday 9 August to Sunday 2 September) to share the live experience of theatre, dance, opera and music with audiences from approximately a third of the world’s nations.

NVA was established in 1992 by creative director Angus Farquhar. In recent years the organisation has achieved international recognition with a number of incomparable and critically successful works, notably The Storr: Unfolding Landscape on Skye and the Hidden Gardens, Glasgow. NVA is an acronym of nacionale vitae active, a Roman phrase describing ‘the right to influence public affairs’.

To play your part in Speed of Light this August visit www.eif.co.uk/speedoflight

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