Stitched and Spoken: poetry takes to the fashion catwalk at StAnza

A unique collaboration between two artists and a museum in Holland has brought poetry to the catwalk. ‘Stitched and Spoken’ features beautifully made lace sensor dresses that ‘speak’ verses when you touch them. The dresses are to be modelled and exhibited at StAnza: Scotland’s International Poetry Festival at St Andrews, from 6-10 March.

The dresses are part of the Lace Sensor Project, a collaboration between artists Anja Hertenberger and Meg Grant, working with the Museum de Kantfabriek (Lace Factory Museum) in Limburg.

Each dress is embroidered with a different poem, sourced from an antique embroidery sampler. The poems evoke different emotions, which correspond to a gesture that triggers a recording of the poem, played through tiny speakers crocheted into each dress. The sensors are created from custom-made conductive lace and the harder they are pressed, the louder the poem will play.

The dresses will be on show in the elegant Edwardian surroundings of the Town Hall in St Andrews, (StAnza’s new hub venue after the recent closure of the Byre Theatre) and worn by models at other locations around St Andrews. A separate interface built by the artists allows the audience to feel the tactile nature of the lace and the interaction with the poetry. Anja Hertenberger will be talking about the project during a ‘Meet the Artist’ session on Sunday 10th March. Both the exhibition and the talk are free.

Read more about the artists and the project here.

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