Event Technology Awards Launched

Yesterday saw the launch of a new set of awards that will recognise the significant role modern technology now plays in organising and hosting events.  The Event Technology Awards will honour the use of digital solutions by both suppliers and events.  The categories have been carefully selected to cover the broad spectrum of technology deployed in the modern day events industry as well as the various event types that they serve.

The awards categories are:

1.                   Best Use Of Social Media

2.                   Best Event Website / Mobile Site

3.                   Best Technology For Audience Participation

4.                   Best Mobile App

5.                   Best Audio Visual Technology

6.                   Best Digital Marketing Campaign

7.                   Best New Tech Product

8.                   Best Hybrid Event

9.                   Best Virtual Event

10.               Best Use Of RFID & Wireless Technology 

11.               Best Event Software

12.               Best Event Infrastructure Innovation

13.               Best Use Of Technology For Event Sustainability

14.               Best Special Effects Technology

15.               Best Use Of Technology At a Charity Fundraising Event

16.               Best Admission & Visitor Management Technology

17.               Best Use Of Technology To Build Event Attendance

18.               Best Use Of Physical Interactive Technology

19.               Best Technology Partnership

20.               Best Use Of Technology For Brand Activation

Co-founder of the Event Technology Awards Adam Parry explained why they have been created, "With events now relying on technology for so many aspects of their promotion and production it’s only right we should acknowledge the many hours of R&D and the massive financial investment that has been made to bring these products and services to fruition.  Thus far I don’t think the industry has recognised the specific role technology now plays within it, which is why we think the awards are needed.”

Nominations will open on 2nd April and nominees will be required to reference work conducted between 1st January 2012 and 31st March 2013 in order to qualify.  Organisations will then have two months to submit their nomination criteria before the industry is asked to vote for their finalists.

As soon as the votes are counted and the category finalists have been announced, a select panel of judges will analyse the entries ahead of the awards ceremony in December.  The climax to the ceremony will be the Grand Prix Award, presented to the overall winner from all 20 categories.

Regular updates regarding the Event Technology Awards will be issued via their new dedicated website http://www.eventtechnologyawards.co.uk and twitter feed @EventTechAwards

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