Iconic Santa Cruz Bikes to premiere new bike at Tweedlove Festival

 One of the world’s biggest bike brands has chosen Scotland to host a global exclusive launch of their new product.

The California-based Santa Cruz Bikes will premiere their new bike at TweedLove, the fast growing cycling festival in the Scottish Borders, next month.

Staff, including Santa Cruz founder Rob Roskopp, have also signed up to take part in one of TweedLove’s flagship events, the Glentress Seven– a seven hour mountain bike race on Glentress’ famous trails that takes place on Saturday, June 1.

The race will be followed by an Evening with Santa Cruz when the iconic brand will not only debut their new product with a short film shot in Scotland, but will invite international media and members of the public to take part in a question and answer session. Sheffield-born Santa Cruz rider Steve Peat – the most successful downhill mountain biker in the history of the sport and a former world champion – will feature on the panel, along with Santa Cruz’s head of Engineering Joe Graney, Stu Thomson of Cut Media, who produced the film, and its executive producer, Chris Ball.

The evening will round off the TweedLove festival, which in just its fourth year is now the UK’s biggest cycling festival. Estimated to be worth approximately £500,000 to the local economy, TweedLove encompasses all forms of cycling and features over 30 different events.

Scotland is now recognised as a leading cycling destination, with the International Mountain Biking Association’s members twice voting Scotland as offering the world’s best biking. It’s a sentiment Rob Roskopp, co-founder of Santa Cruz Bikes, agrees with.

"The riding I've experienced in Scotland is some of the best in the world. From the events, to the trails, to the people who are out there riding them every day, it's an honour to have a major Santa Cruz launch be a part of it.  We filmed the launch video up in the West Highlands a few weeks ago, and can't wait to share the results at TweedLove."

And TweedLove Director, Neil Dalgleish, says hosting the product launch is testament to the growth of the Scottish cycling market.

“The decision to come to TweedLove by such an iconic brand proves just how respected the Scottish cycling scene is internationally. We are delighted that TweedLove is helping to further enhance Scotland’s cycling credentials. TweedLove is now the UK’s biggest cycling festival, so it seems fitting to welcome perhaps the world’s best team to come and take part.”

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