Creative Carbon Scotland launch new website

Creative Carbon Scotland have launched their new website at Creative Carbon Scotland provides you with everything you need to know about the links between culture and sustainability in Scotland with news, events and resources as well as the ground-breaking Green Arts Portal, a how-to guide on making carbon reductions in the arts.

Creative Carbon Scotland support cultural organisations to make the most of the financial savings, artistic opportunities and market advantages that come from being ahead of the game on climate change and running themselves sustainably. They run training workshops in carbon measurement and reduction, taking organisations through a process to highlight their areas of biggest impact and allowing them to begin to make reductions and engaging them in audience, artist and staff behaviour.

They have a partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, a leading agency working in sustainable practice in the arts, to license their carbon calculators for use by Scottish arts organisations, available through the Green Arts Portal - a unique action planning guide to making carbon reductions and tracking environmental progress. They also work to build a picture of the cultural sector's carbon footprint, to secure support through lobbying and to initiate projects which focus on engagement and behavioural change.

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