New Fund for Food Projects and Events Launched

The Community Food Fund is financed by The Scottish Government and has been created to promote local food and drink across Scotland.

In relation to Scotland's National Food and Drink Policy, the Community Food Fund will focus on two main outcomes:

•Supporting development of food trails and networks

•Establishing local food and drink events, including farmers' markets, that celebrate and promote food and drink throughout the year

When do the applications open?

The application process will take place on a quarterly basis. The first application will be open from the 3rd June until the 28th June 2013.

Who is eligible to apply?

The scheme is open to food and drink producer groups, networks and community organisations in Scotland. It is not open to individual businesses.

How much funding can I apply for?

Applications can apply for one of three bands of funding, per year:

1) £25,000   2) £10,000   3) £5,000

How do I apply?

Download the form from this page, or email for an application to be sent out be post.

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