Whisky Month 2014 Food and Drink Fund - Guidelines and how to apply

Homecoming Scotland 2014 will position Scotland on the international stage as a dynamic and creative nation. 

It will extend the benefits and opportunities offered by the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup and build on the successes of the first year of Homecoming 2009 by presenting a year-long co-ordinated programme of inspirational events.  This programme will be designed to support Scotland’s events industry, increase visitors to Scotland and generate additional tourism revenue in a celebration of Scotland’s past, present and future in the year that “Scotland welcomes the world”.


Homecoming Scotland 2014 is a Scottish Government initiative managed by EventScotland, which is part of VisitScotland.  Homecoming Scotland 2014 will enable the tourism and events industries to further demonstrate the important role they play in delivering sustainable and sustained growth to the Scotland’s economy.

The objective of Homecoming Scotland 2014 is to develop a strong portfolio of activity for 2014 that will:

• Deliver additional tourism visit and revenue for Scotland

• Develop Scotland’s event portfolio and build capacity in the industry

• Engage and mobilise communities across Scotland in Homecoming Scotland 2014

• Engage and mobilise Scottish businesses in Homecoming Scotland 2014

• Enhance Scotland’s profile on the international stage

Since 2009 there have been a series of themed years celebrating Scotland’s greatest assets, designed as an opportunity for partners to build capacity across industry in preparation for 2014, and ensuring that potential partners within the events industry are primed to engage with Homecoming in the most successful and inventive ways possible.

The themed years are:

• Food and Drink - 2010

• Active - 2011

• Creative - 2012

• Natural - 2013

These four themes along with a new theme of Ancestry will provide the bedrock on which to build Homecoming Scotland 2014’s programme of events.

About Whisky Month

Whisky Month is a key element of the Food and Drink theme, taking place throughout May 2014. It will be a month-long, country-wide celebration of Scotland’s national drink which will explore the subtle blend of stories, circumstances, provenance and generation after generation of skilled craftsmanship that make it the national drink - a drink that is as uniquely Scottish as the landscape and people that created it. 

Whilst Whisky Month will of course have whisky at its core, it will also use the opportunity afforded by Homecoming to turn the spotlight on other related areas. A packed programme will highlight the very best of Scotland’s food and drink, celebrated through festivals and events both large and small, taking place right across the country.

Working with a wide range of partners and led by Homecoming 2014 in cooperation with drinks industry representatives, Whisky Month will be celebratory programme of activity which is as uniquely Scottish as the drink it celebrates.

Whisky Month is an opportunity to reference one of the key themes of Homecoming Scotland 2014, Food and Drink, through supporting events that may have a more nuanced or thematic link with Whisky Month as opposed to directly exploring whisky.

The intention is that this will widen the potential audience through celebrating the best of Scotland’s food and drink. This wider remit for Whisky Month will be explicit through all messaging as will the promotion and support of the Scottish Government’s commitment to responsible drinking.

Whisky Month will consist of an events programme and stand-alone marketing campaign, with events supported financially and in-kind as with the core Homecoming programme.

The objectives for Whisky Month 2014 are:

• To develop Whisky Tourism in Scotland and promote to markets overseas

• Celebrate and promote Scotland’s world class Food and Drink Industry  

• Support Scotland’s events industry

• Promote the aims and objectives of Homecoming Scotland 2014

The Fund

Applications are invited from events organisers, community groups, visitor centres, and hospitality or tourism businesses for activity that will take place in Scotland through May 2014 for up to £5000 to enhance the profile of Scottish food and drink and in particular whisky.  

These events will be promoted in a full campaign as part of Whisky Month.

If you feel that your event or activity may not be suitable for this particular fund but could benefit from being part of the Homecoming programme please sign up to the Partner Programme at http://www.eventscotland.org/partner_programme/

• Criteria

Applications for funding through the Homecoming Scotland 2014 Funded Programme should also meet the criteria outlined below:

• Events must take place in Scotland between 1st May 2014 and 31st May 2014

• Applications must be made by a legally constituted organisation

• Activity must be open to the general public

• Existing events must demonstrate their capacity to successfully carry out activity applied for

• Applications must demonstrate that the funds applied for will develop new, special activity in line with the aims and objectives of Whisky Month 2014

• The level of funding applied for must be supported by a clear business case that justifies the request.

How to apply

If you feel that your event or activity qualifies for the fund and would like to apply please email info@homecomingscotland.com for an application form. The deadline for applications is 5pm Monday 16th September 2013, if you would like to discuss you application with a member of the Homecoming team please call EventScotland on 0131 472 2313.

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