WOC2015 Issue a Highland Hospitality Appeal

With thousands of visitors set to descend on the Highlands and Moray this summer from all over the world, organisers of the World Orienteering Championships have issued an accommodation appeal.

As well as normal hotel and self-catering accommodation it is hoped that families with spare accommodation in their homes might step forward and host some of the hundreds of volunteers who are freely giving up their time during the first week in August.

Organisers for the world championships, which along with the parallel Scottish6Days event is expecting to draw well over 5000 people to the region, are putting in place a 'Homestay' programme.

WOC2015 volunteer manager Linda Cairns said: "We are organising a small-scale "Homestay" programme for volunteers.

"As has been the case for other major sporting events in the UK, including the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, volunteers are vital to a successful event not just for competitors but for the thousands of spectators who will descend on the region.

"We are asking people in the Highlands and Moray to consider hosting one of these volunteers in their own homes maybe for a couple of nights or for the week. 

"It is expected that we will have around 500 volunteers who are arriving from throughout the UK and beyond - and while many will have managed to make accommodation plans some will struggle and we hope to fill that void."

Anyone interested in assisting with accommodation is asked to visit http://www.woc2015.org/volunteers/volunteer-accommodation

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