Corky Kirkham confirms for BWA Tiree Wave Classic 2015

Corky Kirkham, international professional windsurfer and three times Tiree expression session winner, will be traveling from Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to attend the 2015 Tiree Wave Classic.


Corky, who is famous for his high jumping and radical moves, says that he has a few new moves to test against the next generation of UK Pro riders. Additionally he has been back in training all this year and is looking for some big action on his return to the Tiree Wave Classic. 


William Maclean - Event Host stated: 


“As the event hosts, we are delighted to be welcoming international riders to our event this year. This may herald a move back towards Tiree once again hosting an international level windsurfing event in the near future with international riders such as Corky Kirkham, travelling to our shores to sample Scotland’s and Tiree’s conditions!”

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