Mountain Bikers Needed To Take Care of Trails Across Scotland

Mountain bikers are still needed for Scotland’s largest co-ordinated trail repair day on Saturday & Sunday 11th & 12th April . The initiative is a pilot, involving 13 different sites across Scotland, to assess demand for greater support for mountain biking trail repair groups and understand if mountain bikers can play an active part in protecting, and enhancing, the path network which they enjoy.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS), a project based within Scottish Cycling which is aiming to grow mountain biking in a sustainable manner. Graeme McLean the project manager of DMBinS explains why it is important that the weekend is a success “We mountain bikers have, mostly unfairly, a reputation as a group who enjoy the amazing network of paths and trails across Scotland without helping to repair or maintain them. The ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ weekend  is a fantastic opportunity to show that mountain bikers are responsible and are willing to put something back into the trails they enjoy.”

The weekend will also be a great opportunity for those who haven’t been involved in trail repair to get started. Alasdair Eckersall, Ben Lomond Property Manager/ Ranger Naturalist at National Trust for Scotland, will be running a session on Ben Lomond “We are looking forward to mountain bikers helping us repair sections of the path on a route we know is used quite frequently by bikers. We will be able to accommodate anyone on the repair days and would especially enjoy sharing our experience of path repair and building with new volunteers. “

To view the locations, get involved and make a difference sign-up for the day across Scotland at

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