Ticketmaster and Red61 confirmed for Online Ticketing session at National Events Conference

With tickets in high demand and with less than six weeks until the National Events Conference, now is the time for Scottish event organisers to book their place at this flagship industry conference.

Joining us on the day will be Gillian Henderson, Business Development Director for the North at Ticketmaster. She will join an expert panel, including Red61, to discuss the latest in online ticketing.

Gillian said: “Ticketing is a vital part of running a successful event of any size. From getting tickets into customer’s hands as quickly and effectively as possible to marketing your events to the right audience and delving into the data insight, Ticketmaster helps organisers to maximise their ticket sales and revenue through a number of tools and platforms to suit their requirements.”

Ticketmaster is the global market leader in live event ticketing that drives over 480 million ticket transactions per year. Through exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, sports leagues, and arts and theatre tours, Ticketmaster delivers unparalleled access to the most iconic live events to millions of fans worldwide.

Red61 is the Scottish company at the heart of revolutionising the ticketing and audience management industry. The industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace and Red61 are committed to equipping clients with tools to harness new and emerging opportunities. Their technology sits at the heart of many of Scotland’s vibrant events, from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Hinterland, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Kilmarnock’s IlliumiNight.

Online Ticketing is one of 11 breakout sessions taking place at the National Events Conference on Monday 27 November at the Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow. For further information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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