Shining a new light on New Lanark World Heritage Site

Spotlight shines on New Lanark’s outstanding universal value with the opening of their first Shining Lives exhibition - a large-scale light installation exhibition projecting images onto its building facades.

As part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology Signature Event Programme, New Lanark World Heritage Site is delighted to present Shining Lives in just 2 months time with over 500 tickets allocated to date.This spectacular sound and light projection event taking place at New Lanark World Heritage Site in October is being created by NOVAK Projection Mapping Creative Agency.

The stunning 230 year old New Lanark buildings will be brought to life on a grand scale whilst acting as the display surface for historic images & video footage from New Lanark and the surrounding area. Augmented by a soundtrack, lighting and living history the exhibition will echo the life of the mills and the workers thoughout its history. Through this innovative event, the tangible and intangible heritage of New Lanark will be combined to capture imaginations and provide a unique interpretation of this famous site.

As part of the 'Shining Lives’ event on October 21st and 22nd 2017, NOVAK will present a large scale projection artwork that will be displayed across several walls at New Lanark. Creating a giant multi-channel and immersive display of image and sound. The artwork will be narrative based and will explore the lives of people who have lived and worked in New Lanark and the surrounding Clyde and Avon valley area.

The artwork will depict a number of characters, reflecting the many generations that have lived and worked at New Lanark over its existence as working cotton mill. The exhibition will exhibit the development of the region's industries, music and other social activities engaged in and how all of this impacted upon lives of these people.

Annique Armstrong, VisitScotland Regional Director said: “From ancient monuments and listed buildings to our myths, stories and legends, the 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is celebrating Scotland’s people, distinct culture and traditions, and historic landscapes.”

“The historic environment forges connections between people and places, so it’s fitting that during Scotland’s current celebratory themed year, we will be shining a spotlight on New Lanark’s outstanding universal value. The activity will bring the region’s historic past to life in the context of a modern, collaborative and innovative Scotland for both visitors and locals who get the chance to experience this memorable event.”

Shining Lives ticket registrations have got off to a great start, with over 500 tickets allocated to date. Tickets for Shining Lives will be free with registration. To register log on to

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