Scotland's Themed Years

Scotland’s first year of Homecoming in 2009 was a great success, delivering a string of benefits to the country and boosting tourism in Scotland.

In recognition of this success, a series of Themed Years built on this momentum, spotlighting Scotland's greatest assets in the run up to the second year of Homecoming in 2014 - a year that positioned Scotland on the international stage as a dynamic and creative nation through a year-long coordinated programme of events.

2015 was the second Year of Food and Drink following its significant success in 2010/2011 attracting over 500,000 visitors from home and abroad.

Current and forthcoming Themed Years:

2016 – Year Of Innovation, Architecture And Design

2016 encapsulates Scotland’s heritage and contemporary practice across architecture, design, engineering, renewables, fashion, textiles, science and technology. It takes in the centenary celebrations of the Royal Incorporation of Architects Scotland marked by the Festival of Architecture.

For more information on the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design go here >>

2017 – Year Of History, Heritage And Archaeology

Scotland has a wealth of riches in history, heritage and archaeology.  From World Heritage Sites to ancient monuments, listed buildings to historic battlefields, cultural traditions to our myths, stories and legends, the 2017 Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology will shine a spotlight on some of Scotland’s greatest assets and icons, as well as our hidden gems.

For more information on the Year of History Heritage and Archaeology go here >> 

For more information on the Year of History Heritage and Archaeology go here >>

2018 – Year Of Young People

This year will see an exciting programme of educational and cultural events centred on another of Scotland’s great assets, our young people.


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